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"Fumate le sigarette elettroniche, scopate con le bambole gonfiabili, bevete la birra analcolica, il caffè decaffeinato e fate allenamento con la Nintendo Wii. Com’ è triste l’evoluzione."
- Cristiano Manfredi (via allcopsarenice)

  Panorama eruzione Etna 17-11-2013 | Mirko Chessari 
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The immense Mount Etna towering over Catania, Sicily. (image via larrymuffin.blogspot.co.uk)
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Summer days. 😊
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― Je perds la tête avec toi…
― Alors apprends à vivre sans moi.
― Mais j’ai essayé de vivre sans toi ! Plein de fois…
― Quand ?
― Ce matin par exemple. Je suis allé chercher le pain à la boulangerie d’en face. Tout seul. Je respirais l’air sans le partager avec toi, et son goût me semblait fade. Tu n’étais pas avec moi. Je vivais sans toi, sans ton odeur, sans entendre ton cœur qui bat. J’étais paumé. J’étais seul dans cette ville. Pendant 20 minutes j’ai vécu sans toi…
― Et qu’est-ce que ça t’a fait ?
― J’ai oublié de ramener le pain…

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Robin Williams & Koko, 2001

“Robin made Koko smile — something she hadn’t done for over six months, ever since her childhood gorilla companion, Michael, passed away.”


"If you can love someone with your whole heart, even one person, then there’s salvation in life. Even if you can’t get together with that person."
-  Haruki Murakami1Q84 (via feellng)

(Source: feellng)

"All my ways she wove of light,
Wove them all alive,
Made them warm and beauty bright-
So the trembling, ambient air
Clothes the golden waters where
The pearl fishers dive.

When she wept and begged a kiss,
Very close I’d hold her,
And I know so well in this
Fine fierce joy of memory
She was very young like me
Though half an aeon older.

Once she kissed me very long,
Tiptoed out the door,
Left me, took her light along,
Faded as a music fades-
Then I saw the changing shades,
Color blind no more."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald, First Love (via fitzgeraldquotes)
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"It’s strange. When I look myself in the face… I get the feeling I don’t match what I think it’s inside."
- Le Petit Soldat (1963) 


I think of all the -ographies, “selenography” is my favorite.

Enjoy these historical atlases of the moon, the earliest studies of the moon’s surface features (AKA “selenography”). The above were drawn by:

  • Michel van Langren (1645)
  • Johannes Hevelius (1647)
  • Giovanni Cassini (1679)
  • Tobias Mayer (1749)
  • Richard Andree (1881)
  • Henry White Warren (1879)

Previously: Check out Galileo’s watercolor illustrations of the moon, and find out how a few simple sketches realigned the heavens.


Third Arabesque, Joe McNally
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